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      Tentoonstellingen 2021 - Exhibitions 2021  Nu te zien!!!

        5 november t/m 19 december, Surrealisme, Steampunk, Absurd , Galerie Autrevue, Heerenveen

        19 november t/m 26 december, Even wat anders, QuasiRealisten, Museum jan van Loon, Assen

       28 november  t/m 19 december, Wintersalon, Galerie Z, Nijmegen

        1 november t/m 31 maart 2022, In verf verteld, Galerie Tripmaker (solo), Kampen




        Geplande tentoonstellingen 2021 - Exhibitions 2021

         3 december 2020 t/m 14 maart 2021, Lezen, schilderen,  schrijven, GalerieTripmaker (solo), Kampen

         Tijdens deze tentoonstelling verschijnt de novelle Een hemel voor Theo van Wouter Berns  (alleen op afspraak i.v.m. Corona)

         april, Galerie Z, Nijmegen  (vervallen i.v.m. Coronalockdown)

         3 april -30 juni, Museums Vledder (solo), Vledder  (vervallen  i.v.m. Coronalockdown)

         16 april - 6 juni, Kunstkring het Gelders Eiland, Aerdt  (vervallen i.v.m. Coronalockdown)

         15 mei - 27 juni, Kunst-Freiheit-Grenzenlos? Kulturforum Neu St. Thomä Kirche,  Soest (Dl.) (verplaatst naar 2022 i.v.m. Coronalockdown)

         3 juli - 8 augustus, Kunst met een Kwinkslag, Kunstencentrum K38, Roden

         4 juli Schrijvers in de levenstuinen, Teuge

         25 & 26 september jubileum esxpositie 50 jaar de Kijkdoos, Bennekom

         september - december, Het verklede paradijsGalerie Tripmaker (solo), Kampen (verplaatst naar voorjaar 2022)



           foto: atelier Wouter Berns, voorjaar 2020  



Wouter Berns has a compulsion to be constantly creative. A creative urge, perfectionism, and an inclination to make arresting comparisons guide Berns’s brush to create pictures that increasingly make people stop and think. For almost 25 years now he has been working on an oeuvre that is both fascinating and personal. The development and depth of both his personality and his work—they are practically inseparable—are gradual but unmistakable. Under the boyish surface of humour and surprise, the classic multi-layered and obsessed craftsman is more discernible all the time.
Wouter Berns was born in 1970 in Zevenaar. In his youth he cherished an ambition to become a professional football player, but a serious knee injury put paid to that prospect. He shifted his ambitions to his other passion: art. He explored the subject beginning with the bookshelves at home followed by trips to the bookshop in Arnhem, where he bought books about the French artist Maurice Utrillo (1883-1955), the American realist Edward Hopper (1882-1967), and the Dutch magic realist Pyke Koch (1901-91), who all inspired him. He learned from Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) and marvelled at the surrealists Salvador Dalí (1904-89) and René Magritte (1898-1967). When he was 17 Berns painted in oils on the hardboard bottoms of fruit crates. He just put a primer coat on them and he was off. As he said at the time: “I want to paint things that can’t be, but in a way that makes it looks as though they could be.
This was to be the philosophy behind almost all of his later work.
In 1988 he went to the art academyin Kampen, where he studied fine art. In 1991, while still at the school, Berns was given an exceptional commission for any young artist who has a high regard for the classics: an altarpiece for the high altar of the St. Martinus Church in Oud-Zevenaar representing St. Martin, who cut his cloak in two and gave half to a beggar.
In 1995 he provided a remarkable taste of his technical skill and sense of humour in an art project on the historic Suikerberg bastion in Zwolle. Berns painted “De Sukerbulte”, a faked 16th century picture complete with a crazed surface and deep cracks. The work was hung in the Provincial Overijssel Museum in Zwolle, with a label giving a “probable dating” of 1544-70  to this picture “by an unknown artist”. After a few weeks the newspaper revealed that a certain Wouter Berns was the artist, and it now became clear that the painting was not a 16th century masterpiece after all. The immersion in technique that “De Sukerbulte” required was of great importance for Berns’s style, which since then has become more refined and more detailed in every respect. The Kampen Stedelijk Museum organised the first big one-man museum exhibition of Berns in 2004, and the conservator René van Mierlo wrote:
“Berns is a contemporary artist with the technical method of the Old Masters.”
Berns finds the material for his work in his own life experiences. To broaden his vision he travels to, for example, New Zealand, Hungary, Canada, Cuba or Mexico. To provide relaxation and balance in his life, in 2008 he moved into a second studio retreat in Puilly, a village in the French Ardennes. Like every succeeding step in his life, this gradual international influence appeared in the subject matter of his paintings. Thanks to his classic technique, which not everyone can execute but the result of which everyone can understand, the viewer can appreciate the content of a picture with little difficulty.
Berns gets stories from everywhere—ranging from chance meetings, the religions of the world, literature, Greek mythology, music and film to everyday reality and the world around him. His curiosity about people, what motivates them, and how they relate to the world and each other—it all turns up in his work whether it is a work of his own or a commissioned painting.
Applying humour and irony to a painting, however, can be highly dangerous, and in no time it can becomecoarse. Introducing a witticism to momentarily disconcert your public is more than playing a trick. It is the art of communication. Painting is Berns’s medium for it, and he controls it perfectly.
If you look closely, you will see that the jokes are not just there for their own sake. Berns’s artistic development has meant that by using less and less he manages to say more and more. Perhaps it’s because he literally and figuratively travels ever farther, perhaps it’s the effect of growing older, or of recently overcomesetbacks in his life and in that of his wifeand muse Marieken Westerink. Her presence in Wouter’s life is a constant inspiration; she figures in many of his works. It is particularly here that in the last few years Berns’s work has turned a corner. He increasingly deals with his own emotions, for life has touched him.
Now is your chance to have a look. A word of advice: take longer to look at the pictures.
See more than the title, theme, message, and skill. And then look again.
Make that effort and you will get acquainted with the artist through the artistry.
The point at which you realize what a real Berns involves will be the moment that you meet Wouter.
Text: Herman Broers
English translation: Sarah Lawson




             foto: Wouter Berns tijdens een webinar in Galerie Tripmaker, oktober 2020


Tentoonstellingen - Exhibitions 1991-2020

          2020: april-mei, De vrije wereld van Wouter Berns, Galerie Tripmaker (solo) , Kampen (beperkt geopend vanwege Corona)

          2020: april- augustus, Zomerse Streken, Stadsmuseum Hardewijk (cat.) (beperkt geopend vanwege Corona)

          2020:  5 september - 4 oktober Les amants reúnis, Galerie Tripmaker, Kampen (solo) (beperkt geopend vanwege Corona)     

          2020:  oktober-december, QuasiRealisten, Kasteel Groeneveld, Baarn (beperkt geopend vanwege Corona)



2019: Quasirealisten, Drents Schildergenootschap, Assen
2019: Kunst im Dialog Kampen-Soest. Kulturkirche Neue St Thomae, Soest Duitsland  
2019: September- oktober Galerie Stackl'R, Sedan Frankrijk
2018: 11 maart: 'Story Painter Wouter Berns', Schrijversfestival Steenwijk
2018: 25 maart t/m 6 mei: QuasiRealisten lustrum expositie, Kunstlievend Genootschap Pictura, Groningen
2018: 1 mei t/m 24 juni: Classical Art, The Frysian Gallery, Leeuwarden 
2018: 21 april t/m 30 september: Zomertentoonstelling, Beelden in Gees (cat.)
2018: medio juni: lezing en expositie, Galerie Z, Nijmegen
2018: 25 november t/m 16 december Thuissalon, Galerie Z, Nijmegen
2018: 7 december t/m 9 december Galerie Stackl'R Sedan, LUXARTFAIR Luxembourg
2017: QuasiRealisten, Museum Thijn, Coevorden
2017: QuasiRealisten, Jheronimus Bosch Art-Centre, Den Bosch
2017: 'Kunst met een glimlach' Wouter Berns en Tineke Thielemans, De Kijkdoos,  Bennekom
2017: 'De heilige Nikolaas door de ogen van de QuasiRealisten', Ikonenmuseum, Kampen
2017:'De omloop van de verbeelding' Wouter Berns 25 jaar Story Painter in de Bovenkerk, Kampen (cat.) 
           bij deze tentoonstelling is het magazine Story Painter verschenen. 
2017: Genomineerden Kunstprijs Kampen 2017, Gemeentelijke Expositieruimte Kampen,
2017: 'Immanence' hedendaags Europees realisme, Kunstlievend Genootschap Pictura, Groningen
2016: 'Wouter Berns, Sjaak Kaashoek en Bastiaan Postma', Kerkje van Persingen, Persingen
2016: QuasiRealisten Pulchri, Den Haag
2016: QuasiRealisten BAS 10, Sneek
2016: 'Niets is wat het lijkt' Museums Vledder, Vledder
2016: Erasmus Utopia Contrast Art-gallery, Florenville (Belgique)
2016: Galerie de Hollandsche maagd, Gouda
2015: Galerie de Hollandsche maagd, Gouda 
2015: Galerie Sluispolderkade 4, Maassluis
2015: Genomineerden Kunstprijs Kampen 2015, Gemeentelijke Expositieruimte Kampen
2015: ADAF( Anual Dutch Art Fair) 2015 (winnaar derde publieksprijs!), Amsterdam (cat.)
2015: QuasiRealisten 'vervreemding in Roden' Kunstcentrum K38, Roden
2015: POP UP Museum, 'temporary museum of contemporary art', Kampen
2015: QuasiRealisten groepstentoonstelling '25 jaar Beelden in Gees', Gees (cat.)
2014: QuasiRealisten ‘de werkelijkheid voorbij’, Kunsthuis Secretarie, Meppel 
2014: ADAF( Anual Dutch Art Fair) 2014, Amsterdam(cat.)
2014: Stripspektakel Kampen met Martin Lodewijk ‘Moving Art’- kunsttruck, Kampen
2014: Sail Kampen ‘Moving Art’- kunsttruck (solo), Kampen
2014: Ikonenmuseum Kampen
2014: QuasiRealisten ‘langs de randen van de werkelijkheid’, Pictura, Groningen
2013: ‘Met de muziek mee’ Galerie van Strien, Nieuw Amsterdam
2013: ‘Kopje Cultuur’ kunstroute, Steenwijk
2013: ADAF( Anual Dutch Art Fair) 2013, Amsterdam
2013: Weg Van Kunst 11 ‘Moving Art’ - kunsttruck, (solo), Kampen
2013: Onthulling ‘Moving Art’ - kunsttruck (solo), Kampen
2012:Zomerexpositie Gemeentelijke Expositieruimte Kampen (solo, BernsBoek)
2012: Weg van Kunst 10, ontwerp affiche met schilderij Weg Met Kunst! 
2012: Galerie Lauswolt, Olterterp
2012: ‘Wintertentoonstelling’ DeMedici Beeldende Kunst, Nunspeet
2011: Museum Wilhelm Morgner Haus ‘Dichtung & Wahrheit (duo), Soest Duitsland
2011: Kunstproject Full Color Festival, Kampen
2011: Kunstproject Waterval vertelfestival, Zwolle
2010: ‘Art Bridge ’Somogie Galeria, Papa Hongarije
2010: Galerie Lauswolt, Olterterp
2010: Weg van Kunst 8 ‘Canada in Charcoal’, Kampen
2009: Kunstproject Full Color Festival , Kampen
2009: Kunstproject Waterval vertelfestival, Zwolle
2009: ‘Feest’ Galerie Van Lien, Fijnaart
2009: KunstSpoor’, Stedum (cat.) 
2009: Hogeschool Edith Stein, Hengelo (solo)
2008: Kunstproject Full Color Festival , Kampen
2008: Wouter Berns & Mels Dees, ‘Uitersten bijeengebracht’, Demedici Beeldende Kunst, Nunspeet 
2008: Licht licht gedicht’, overzicht Kamper kunstenaars, Gemeentelijke Expositieruimte Kampen
2008: Demedici Beeldende Kunst, Nunspeet, zomertentoonstelling 
2008: Portretten en modellen’ museum Van Lien, Fijnaart
2007: Galerie de Pol, Pannerden (solo) 
2007: Demedici Beeldende Kunst,Nunspeet, zomertentoonstelling
2007: Galerie de Pol, Pannerden, jubileumtentoonstelling (opdracht jubileumprent)
2007: 'Weg Van Kunst 5', een kunstwandeling door Kampen
2006: Koeienkunst Zwolle (cat.)
2006: Galerie Belled, Langbroek
2006: Demedici Beeldende Kunst, Nunspeet
2005: 'Valentijn, kijk eens hoe mooi!', Stadsmuseum Harderwijk
2005: Zomertentoonstelling, Galerie Van Lien, Fijnaart 
2005: 'Identiteit', Gemeentelijke Expositieruimte Kampen
2005: Galerie Van Lien, Fijnaart (duo)
2004: ‘De illusionaire wereld van Wouter Berns’, Stedelijk Museum Kampen (solo)
2004: Weg van Kunst 2’, een kunstwandeling doorKampen
2004: Demedici Beeldende Kunst, gelegenheidsexpositie, Kampen 
2004: ‘Maritiem Intiem’, Stedelijk Museum Kampen
2003: ‘Weg Van Kunst 1’, een kunstwandeling door Kampen
2003: ‘De illusie voorbij’, Galerie Art Angels met Sjaak Kaashoek en Nick Banks, Amsterdam
2003: Zomertentoonstelling, Galerie Van Lien, Fijnaart 
2003: Galerie de Pol, Pannerden (solo)
2002: Galerie Art Angels, Amsterdam
2002: Galerie Van Lien, Fijnaart
2001/2002:OCBK in Zwolle (solo & cat.)
2001: Kunstcollectie Gemeente Kampen ‘Aankopen 1995 t/m 2000’ Gemeentelijke Expositieruimte Kampen 
2001: Galerie Artisart, Maastricht
2000: ‘Kunst in de kamer’, expositie en lezing, Velp  
2000: Kunstroute Kampen, infocentrum ‘IJsselsterk’, Kampen
2000: ‘Reisimpressies’, Galerie Ginneken, Breda
2000: Galerie de Pol, Pannerden (solo)
2000: ‘Natuurlijk Mens’, Stedelijk Museum Zwolle
1999: Holland Art Fair in Den Haag (galerie Honingen Rotterdam)
1999: Kunstschouw Westerschouwen, Haamstede (galerie Honingen)
1999: Kabinet Hendrik Beekman, Marrum (cat.) 
1999: ‘De wereld van Voerman opnieuw bezien’, Voerman Museum, Hattem 
1999: ‘De Lach en de Kunst’, het Kunstpaleis, Deventer
1998: OCBK, Zwolle (afronding project ‘kunst in de bank’)
1998: ‘Mona Lisa’, Galerie MDMWD, Hommerts
1998: Galerie De Pol, Pannerden (solo)
1998: ‘Mona Lisa’, Galerie Vromans, Amsterdam
1998: Gemeentelijke Expositieruimte, Kampen (solo)
1997: Galerie Ginneken, Breda
1997: ‘Kunst in de bank’, Oldenzaal (solo & cat,) (organisatie: KCO, RTV/OOST en ABN/Amro)
1997: Contemporary Art Centre Schalkwijk
1997: '100-jonge schilders op Ameland', Living Art (groeps- en solo-expositie & cat.)
1997: Galerie Artisart, Maastricht
1996: Galerie Ginneken, Breda
1996: Galerie Artisart, Maastricht
1995: ‘De betovering van de Suikerberg’, Provinciaal Overijssels Museum Zwolle (cat.)
1995: Galerie Albion Putti, Groningen
1995: Galerie Ginneken, Breda
1995: Galerie De Pol, Pannerden (solo)
1995: Galerie Hoogenbosch, Gorredijk (duo)
1994: Dutch-Latvian Contemporary Art Festival, Riga (Letland), groeps-expositie en workshops
1994: Galerie d'Eglantier, Amsterdam (solo)
1994: Galerie Albion Putti, Groningen (solo)
1994: Galerie Kadans, Den Haag
1993: Galerie de Pol, Pannerden (solo)
1993: ‘Hedendaags realisme in Nederland’, Stichting Kunstuitleen Zwolle
1993: Intuit Art Gallery, Zwolle
1992: Eindexamenexpositie, Kampen (cat.)
1992: Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam
1991: De Galerie, Coevorden (solo)
1991: Galerie de Pol, Pannerden